• Willsaber

    Release Date

    June 23, 2013 by Willsaber

    Hello anybody who has happened to find this blog. This is blog that is for discussing the when the game will be released and related topics.

    You may know me as user (the one who organized the wiki after adding in to much content), but I have now created an actual account for various reasons.

    On to the topic, you may know that the goal for the initial release of the DWCM is going to be sometime around November-Decemeber 2013. However, that is a very optimistic goal, and is unlikely if the Mod Division doesn't get more coders. It also doesn't hlp that Mojang won't work on  the modding API. 

    At the rate the mod is going, based on how enormous it is going to be, even with the limited content of the initial release, it is going to takeā€¦

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