General OverviewEdit

The TARDIS key is what opens a TARDIS' doors. Each TARDIS has a corrosponding key to it. Because this is the only way into the TARDIS, Weeping Angels will go to any length to collect it, as they would be able to drain the TARDIS' energy for themselves. The key is in the shape of a 1963 Police Box's key. It will have a model. If you have your key on hand, and your Huon Particle Tank Thingy is full, you can combine the two to summon the TARDIS to your approximate location. There are at least three keys you can choose from to use, one of which is a model.


- Can open the TARDIS door. - Can call the TARDIS if lost.

- Acts as a compass that locates the TARDIS.

An alternate TARDIS key.