This is a list of known confirmed food items that will appear in the DWCM. they may not all be consumable.

Candyland FoodsEdit

Wrapped CandyEdit

- Blueberry Wrapped Candy

Sugars, powders, etc.Edit



- Blueberry Flavour Powder

- Bubblegum Flavour Powder


- Peppermint Bark (Red)

- Peppermit Bark (White)

- Candycane

- Mint


- Lime Gumball

- Cherry Gumball

- Plum Gumball

- Blueberry Gumball

- Orange Gumball

- Bubblegum Gumball

- Strawberry Gumball

- Lemon Gumball

- Pink Lemonade Gumball

- Tangerine Gumball

- Raspberry Gumball

- Limemade Gumball

- Cotton Candy Gumball

- Lavender Gumball

- Stack Of Gumballs


- Chocolate Bar

Ice Cream/Cone TreatsEdit

- Waffle Cone

- Bubblegum Ice Cream

- Bubblegum Cotton Candy


- Lemon Gumdrop

- Apple Gumdrop

- Orange Gumdrop

- Bluebery Gumdrop

- Blue Raspberry Gumdrop

- Raspberry Gumdrop

- Plum Gumdrop

- Lime Gumdrop


- Ice Chips

- Berry Flavoured Sugercane

- Gingersnap Map

- Candy Plum Crisps

- Plumbleberry Juice - found underground in Candylabnd. You can bottle it, and drink it for a sugar rush that boosts your speed. However, it will make your hunger baer degenerate faster.

Unknown Origin FoodsEdit

- Clom Cookies. These are cookies baked on Clom.

- Banana Easter Egg. It is unkown the features of this banana, but it will be an easter egg feature.

- Jelly Babies

Unconfirmed Food ItemsEdit

This is a list of items that may be possible to consume, have been mentioned, but have not been confirmed nor denied by any IKingsSGC Mod Division Staff.

- Celary (wearable)