Candyland, Jethrik Systems and a Fez OH MY! - 1 - DR 1 27 1316:52

Candyland, Jethrik Systems and a Fez OH MY! - 1 - DR 1 27 13

This is a list of confirmed items that will appear in the mod

Known ItemsEdit


-  TARDIS Memory Matrix Crystal.

- Shillelagh. You get it by capturing a Leprechaun. It is unkown what the Shillelagh does, other than generate rainbows as an attack.

- Cheat Code. Finding one of these unlocks a cheat code you can choose to use. Some of these will lay in plain sight, others may be guarded or hidden very well.

- Squareness Gun (Sonic Blaster). It is unkown if this is functional, but it has a custom model.

- Timey-Wimey Detector. It is possilbe that it will have a GUI. It is craftable with unique resources only found on Midnight.

- Torchwood Rift Manipulator. It is unkown what its purpose will be, other than that it is required in order to go to Cardiff Bay and the Torchwood Hub.

Sonic Screwdriver.

- Proton Pack

- Psychic Paper

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