Adipose & NBFE Pollen - Major Update - DWCM

Adipose & NBFE Pollen - Major Update - DWCM


The Adipose

Adipose FeaturesEdit

Class: Friendly

Weapons: None

Speed: Unkown

Abilities: Unkown

Planet(s) Found On: Adipose 1, Adipose 3, Adipose 5

General OverviewEdit

Adipose reside on three planets in the DWCM. Adipose 1, Adipose 3, and Adipose 5. They are classified as sentient beings, and under the protection of the Judoon. If you feed them meat, they will start dancing, and your screen will lock. However, they generally feed off of the pollen from local plants, known as "Non-Bipedal Floral Entities". They can also survive extremely long falls. However, they will float down slowly as they are light enough for the wind to carry them. When an entity ingests an Adipose pill, it will burst into multiple baby Adipose. They are naive, and easily scared.

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